Vacation day trips with children at Lake Como

Familienurlaub am Comer See

Excursion tips with children on holiday at Lake Como Excursion tips with children on holiday at Lake Como Lake Como is the ideal destination for families with young and older children. While parents enjoy the Italian atmosphere, romantic alleys, and the occasional luxury boutique in town, children will be thrilled with plenty of activities, pizza… Read more »

Billie Rose spends fall vacation at Lake Como

Billie Rose at Villa al Castello

Rosanna and her family spent wonderful fall vacation at Villa al Castello In October we had a very special visitor: Rosanna from the Netherlands – also known as Billie Rose visited us with her wonderful lively family and enjoyed the late summer with lots of sun at Lago di Como. From a cozy pasta evening… Read more »

Lake Como in Fall

You are planning your fall holidays? Thinking to spend your fall break in Italy and thinking of Lake Como is the right spot? Which activities are best? We are sharing with you our favorite tips for a splendid fall vacation at Lake Como. Is an autumn holiday on Lake Como worth it? Autumn is the… Read more »

Villa al Castello in ELLE

Villa al Castello has made it into the October edition of ELLE Germany. We welcome all ELLE readers who have found our website. Maybe you would like to convince yourself by the breathtaking scenery here? “The beach? Just a few minutes walk on the Western shore of Lake Como. The scenery? Breathtaking. Owing the tower… Read more »

The pool is open

As of December 2021 Villa al Castello delights you with a private pool. During the warmer months you are invited to relax and refresh here. See a few impressions of our private pool with panoramic views.

Just wonderful!

Janina and her family from the Lifestyle-Blog “Oh Wunderbar” have visited us. Rezzonico and Villa al Castello have left a lasting memory in their hearts. Rezzonico is such a magical and romantic place. The small, narrow alleys ttake you down – directly to the water, where young and old meet at noon, sunbathe, chat and… Read more »


Sandra Bachhuber Villa al Castello

In September 2020 Sandra Bachhuber from @allerliebeanfang together with her husband and their two daughters came for a visit. They have fallen in love with Lake Como. Take a look yourself…

Seven days at Lake Como – we have the insider tips!

Day 1: Hello, Holiday! – The Villa al Castello on Lake Como Finally, you have arrived! After a few hours of travel, you can now make yourself comfortable in our family villa. Unpack and leave everyday life behind. Start your holiday at Lake Como with pleasure after buying a few local groceries: Very close to… Read more »