An Italian villa on Lake Como got a new lease on life

Villa al Castello dates back to the early 1900s. The adjoining Castello Rezzonico was originally built by the influential De la Torre family in 14th century. Extensive renovations to the villa have been finished in 2020.

The luxurious villa sits right on the Western shore of Lake Como in the town of Rezzonico. This picturesque village is far less known than its busy and touristy neighbor Menaggio. But it’s roots go way back to Roman times and it’s narrow and steep streets with arches and arcades are remnants of it’s long history.

From every single room of Villa al Castello you can enjoy a stunning and unspoiled view of the famous lake. Sitting on the balcony on the first floor you can watch the boats go by and also admire the beautifully maintained grounds and gardens of nearby Castello Rezzonico.

The historic Castello Rezzonico was originally built by the influential Della Torre family in 14th century. One of it’s most famous members was Guido Della Torre, an Italian chieftain and lord of Milan from 1302 to 1311. Almost four hundred years later his descendant Carlo Della Torre Rezzonico became Pope Clement XIII.

The castle in Rezzonico was used as an important fortification, protecting the town beneath. Today it is privately owned by a French family and used for weddings and other festive occasions.

The renovation of Villa al Castello in 2020

The villa itself dates back to the early 1900s. Extensive renovation were completed in 2020, offering luxurious facilities and features; at the same time the historic spirit of the house was well retained and kept – for example most of the original floors could be preserved and are now shining in new splendor.

  • Before
    Attic before and after renovation
  • After

Before the renovation