Vacation day trips with children at Lake Como

Familienurlaub am Comer See

Lake Como is the ideal destination for families with young and older children. While parents enjoy the Italian atmosphere, romantic alleys, and the occasional luxury boutique in town, children will be thrilled with plenty of activities, pizza and pasta, and refreshing dips in the water.

We are perfectly equipped for children: both young and older travelers will feel comfortable in our holiday villa. Up to 12 guests can spend unforgettable vacation days as a family here – there is even enough space for grandma and grandpa, as everyone can comfortably fit in the 4 double rooms with en-suite bathroom.

Villa al Castello Kids Area

Our quaint paradise under the roof is specially designed for our youngest guests. The play area features books in different languages, a puppet theater, a small shop, as well as plenty of building blocks, wooden train sets, and board games. For the very little ones, we have the essential equipment such as a high chair, crib, changing table, and more available on site – giving you a bit more space in the car when packing.

Villa Al Castello Pool

The highlight for families, however, is our private pool. We’re sure that some of the kids have grown webbed feet already. And mom and dad can keep a close eye on the kids from the terrace at all times.

As if all of that weren’t enough reasons for a family vacation at Lake Como, here are our ultimate tips for activities with children around Lake Como.

Get outside in the fresh air - activities for sunny weather at Lake Como

Chugs comfortably on the tourist train to the most beautiful cities on Lake Como

Trombetta Express Lake Como

Admittedly, the colorful tourist trains are a bit flashy. But maybe that’s exactly why they’re a hit with kids: at a comfortable pace, passengers are taken to the famous tourist attractions around the lake. An important side effect is that you don’t have to struggle for one of the rare parking spots there in the summer. The Trombetta Express in Menaggio runs from Menaggio via Cadenabbia and Tremezzo to Lenno and stops, among other places, at Villa Carlotta and near Villa Balbianello. Typically, the train runs daily from April to October at hourly intervals starting at 9am.

How about a trip to Bellagio? There’s a train that goes around the town, so you can save yourself the walk – especially if you have tired children – to the main attractions like Villa Melzi. The train runs from June to September, hourly from 10am on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Add to your children's daytrip by taking the ferry across the lake

Lake Como Ferry

Children are fascinated by the boats and ferries on the lake, as it is not usually a common means of transportation. The fresh breeze on their faces makes the crossing enjoyable, and the moment when the ferry docks and the ramps extend creates excitement. Whether you’re taking the passenger or car ferry or the fast hydrofoil: especially in the Bellagio – Varenna – Menaggio lake triangle, the ferry saves a lot of time on your way to your excursion destinations and provides excitement for the children: so leave your car behind.

Discover Lake Como on the water - Steer your own boat.

A great fun activity for kids is to sail across the lake at their own pace and plan while helping Mom or Dad steer the boat. By the way, famous sights can be ideally admired from the boat and immortalized on Instagram-ready photos.

Motorboats up to 40 horsepower and sailboats depending on their size can be operated on Lake Como without a boating license. Now it’s up to you: are you the type for an inflatable boat or a sailing yacht?

Take a Boat Lake Como

Actually, there are very reliable rental providers at every marina. To simplify your search, here are the closest rental locations:

In Menaggio:

In Dongo:

In Argegno: 

Learn to kitesurf at Lake Como

Starting from Easter, the surfing season begins right in front of our terrace. It’s no coincidence that especially on weekends, surfers gather directly in the bay of Rezzonico: the Brava wind is perfect for spectacular tricks.

Not only teenagers are enthusiastic about it: just a few minutes drive north of Rezzonico, various schools offer beginner and advanced courses. So, put on your neoprene wetsuit and let the wind carry you over the waves.

Many water sports schools also rent out SUPs, kayaks, and sailboats, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Sailing at Lake Como

The Alto Lario Sailing Center in Gravedona offers sailing courses for children aged 6 and up from Monday to Friday. Beginners and advanced students alike will benefit from the lessons, and there are also courses available for adults, making it a true family experience.

Explore nature on foot or on horseback

The nature reserve of Pian di Spagna located at the northern end of Lake Como around Lake Mezzola is a wonderfully peaceful place for various recreational activities. Here, you can observe birds on the hiking and walking trails. In this Upper Lake area, several riding schools also offer wonderful horse trekking excursions or riding lessons for inexperienced individuals and children.

Enjoy a falconry show against an unforgettable backdrop

Castello Vezio

For us, the excursion to Castello di Vezio in Varenna is one of the absolute highlights. Even our children are excited for this hike. It’s a steep 30-minute uphill climb. At the top, the castle offers a breathtaking panorama of both arms of the lake, and there’s a refreshing drink available at the outdoor restaurant there. Around the old fortress, plaster ghosts create a true castle atmosphere.

One highlight are the flight demonstrations of the falconry from the olive garden. The demonstration times are weather-dependent and therefore vary. It is advisable to check the times several days in advance.

Fahrt hinauf zu fantastischen Ausblicken mit der Seilbahn

We have children of our own and therefore know exactly how difficult it can be to get the kids excited about mountain hikes. Great to have many kid-friendly mountain cablecars at Lake Como – so you can comfortably swing yourself along one stretch. The famous funicular Brunate in Como offers great views of the city and the lighthouse Faro Voltiano in honor of the physicist Alessandro Volta is another special highlight. This allows for spectacular views of the city, the lake, and the surrounding mountains.

Get ready for an easy scenic hike with children

Lake Como Pigra Cable Car

Adventure-seeking families in search of thrills on vacation will be thrilled with a ride on the tiny cable car to Pigra for fantastic views of Argegno and the lake. You’re guaranteed to miss the valley station, which is inconspicuously located on the main road right at the entrance to Argegno. In just 5 minutes, La Funicia takes passengers more than 650m up into the air.

At the top, there are simple hiking trails or a great downhill path from the mountain station to Colonno, where the bus regularly runs to Argegno. In any case, you’re guaranteed a breathtaking panorama. In the eastern arm of the lake, there are also various cable cars in Lecco and in the Valsassina valley (Margno, Barzio, and Moggio).

Experience the thrill of heights at Lake Como Adventure Park

Lake Como Adventure Park Gravedona

Above Gravedona, nestled among larch and spruce trees, the climbing park at Lake Como Adventure Park offers a fun-filled activity for the whole family. Nets, beams, logs, zip lines, and Tibetan bridges are set up along 7 routes. The first courses are available for children as young as 3 years old (depending on height). The park is closed during the winter and in rainy weather.

Explore the waterfalls in Bellano

Children love the roaring waterfall in Bellano and the splashing of the spray. The narrow gorge is secured with wooden walkways. The Orrido di Bellano provides refreshment in the heat and paints rainbows in the sunlight – it also makes the hearts of all amateur photographers beat faster. Make sure to check the opening hours in advance.

Jump off the bridge in Nesso

We’ll let you in on a secret: for our kids, there’s no family vacation at Lake Como without jumping off the bridge in Nesso at least once. We like to rent a boat in Argegno or Menaggio during the holidays and cruise around the lake.
This picturesque village of Nesso could be straight out of a storybook: small houses with red shutters nestled against the mountain. An incredible number of steps lead down to the lake – for those arriving by car – and there we immediately discover it: the Ponte della Civera bridge of Nesso, with the mighty Orrido di Nesso waterfall in the background.
For those who don’t want to jump into the depths themselves, it’s still fun to watch other tourists and locals do it.


Nesso Lake Como Bridge

Sink the mini golf ball in the lake

Minigolf Lake Como

Translate to American English: The 18-hole mini golf course directly on the waterfront in Menaggio guarantees a great family day. The large plane trees provide enough shade even on hot days. Now the only question is: whose ball will land in the lake first? Afterwards, the fish restaurant La Grolla with a panoramic view awaits hungry sports enthusiasts.
Viale Benedetto Castelli, 47, 22017 Menaggio.

Go on a cultural family hike

In the Intelvi Valley, the Sentiero delle Espressioni trail awaits, where a hike in nature can be combined with local art and a breathtaking view, definitely appealing to children as well. The trail starts in Schignano and after about 2 hours, you’ll reach Alpe di Nava. Along the way, amidst meadows and forests, you can discover large carved sculptures made of larch and chestnut wood. Which figure do you like the most?

Fly high above the treetops

The regional park Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi is located 1 hour away from us in Albaredo per San Marco. Here you can feel the thrill and enjoy the great and unspoiled landscape from above the treetops. Secured by harnesses, you can glide down alone or in pairs.

Visit all of Switzerland in one day

Just across the border at Swiss Miniatur, you can travel through all of Switzerland and its landmarks in miniature format in just one day. The park is located near Melide on Lake Lugano and also features a large green area with picnic spots. It’s about an hour away from the villa.

Have fun from sunrise to sunset in Minitalia

In Minitalia Leolandia Park near Bergamo, the journey passes by 160 miniature attractions of Italy. The amusement park offers much more: in 8 themed areas and over 50 attractions, all family members will have a great time. Fantastic shows and attractions make this day an unforgettable and special vacation day for the kids only 1.5 hours away from our villa.

Overview of familyfriendly activites around Lake Como

Rain activities at Lake Como with kids

Even at Lake Como, the sun doesn’t always shine during your family vacation. But rest assured, we have plenty of excursion destinations prepared for you for such days.

Learn about the history of boats at the Museo Barca Lariana

The Boot Museum Barca Lariana in Pianello del Lario was opened in 2019 and tells the story of boats and shipping on Lake Como. The collection is authentic and worth seeing. The exhibits are provided with interactive and child-friendly information, making the museum visit enjoyable for everyone.

Gear up in the go-kart

Lario Motorsport Racing at Lake Como

In Colico, the largest go-kart track in Europe awaits you. There, you can have exciting races with the whole family until late at night, even in rainy weather. Depending on the weather, various courses are set up indoors or outdoors across multiple levels. The modern track is in excellent condition and well secured. Spectators can cheer from the panoramic terrace.

Fly high in Volandia

Volandia is not only a great suggestion for rainy weather, but also a fantastic highlight if you arrive by airplane and have some extra time in Malpensa. You can learn all sorts of things about aviation and space exploration here, from the history of flying to a planetarium and various play areas.

Swing the brush at the art class

At the Abele Experientia Artis Workshop in Bellagio, the whole family can indulge their creative side. Capture the landscape with watercolor paints or shape small sailboats from clay. Even toddlers as young as one year old can participate.

Comer See Malen auf Staffelei

Explore an exciting cave with your flashlights

The Grotte di Rescia near Porlezza on Lake Lugano was formed over time by the force of flowing water.A multilingual signposted trail takes visitors on an exciting 40-minute journey through the cave and along stalactites. A special feature awaits during Advent: a Christmas nativity scene exhibition with atmospheric lighting is set up in the cave.

What are you waiting for? Turn on your flashlights and dive into the adventure.

Taste the most delicious chocolate in the world

Swiss Chocolate near Lake Como

Learn about the production steps from cocoa bean to finished chocolate at the Alprose Chocolate Museum on Lake Lugano. In the interactive exhibition, you’ll learn everything about the history of making world-famous Swiss chocolate. And of course, the day is only perfect once you’ve tasted plenty of the different varieties.

Choose your favorite toy horse

Seriously – a museum just about toy horses? Yes: children, parents, and all horse enthusiasts will enjoy this detour after a day in Como. The family-friendly collection in a modern setting features over 650 toy horses of all kinds from the 18th century to today.

Raging at the Water Park

To get to California Aquapark, you cross the border into Chiasso, Switzerland. This fantastic water world guarantees lots of fun in large swimming pools with slides and whirlpools for all ages. And if parents need a break, there is a babysitter available for the little ones.

Indoor Pool near Lake Como

Experience true Virtual Reality

Alle Teenager werden uns für diesen Ausflugsziel für Kinder feiern: Am Luganer See in der Schweiz bietet Transfinity an zwei Standorten echte Action und einzigartige Virtual Reality Erlebnisse. Von Virtual Laser-Tag über 4D+ Kino für alle Sinne und Escape Spielen mit virtual Reality sowie Rennsimulatoren. Es wird Euch schwerfallen Euch für einen Favoriten zu entscheiden und am Ende vermutlich fragen: was ist hier echt und wo beginnt die Illusion? Wer traut sich (virtuelle) Dinos zu füttern?

Get creative

The Museo in Erba in Lugano was created specifically for children from kindergarten age to middle school. The interactive and modern exhibits provide an entertaining approach to art. In the studio, everyone is allowed to be creative and try out new art techniques.

Overview of activites with kids on rainy days

Lake Como is kids-friendly

Familienurlaub am Comer See

As you can see, Lake Como is an absolutely family-friendly area. Not only are there delicious ice creams, cool water, or fresh pizza waiting on every corner, but the recreational activities at Lake Como ensure a varied program for both adults and children, whether it’s sunny or rainy. What are you waiting for? See for yourself and plan your next family vacation at Lake Como, and feel right at home in our Villa al Castello!

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